Billy the Bear Goes to Beed Essay

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Billy Bear knew it was time for bed, but he could not sleep. Billy’s mom told him it is time to go to bed. “I’m not tired,” Billy said. “But Billy, if you don’t go to sleep now, you’ll be too tired to play with your friends tomorrow,” Billy’s mom told him. Oh! I bet all of your friends are fast asleep in their homes,” said Billy’s dad. “How do you know dad?” Billy asked “Because it is dark outside, the stars and the moon are in the sky, and all of your friends know that it is no fun to run around while yawning and feeling sleepy,” Billy’s mom said as she tapped Billy on his shoulder. Billy still didn’t think that all of his friends had to go to bed when he did. “AH HA!” Billy’s dad had an idea. “Come with me Billy I’ll change your mind.” Billy and his dad left the cabin and began their journey. First they visited Gerry the Giraffe’s house. “Well Hello, Billy,” Gerry’s mother whispered as she stretched her long neck down to them. “Hello, I came to see Gerry,” Billy said. “Shhh,” said Gerry’s mom. “Gerry just fell asleep, but I’m sure he’d love to see you tomorrow.” Next Billy and his dad came to Zack the Zebra’s house. Zack’s dad saw them coming and ran over. “Hi, Billy,” Zack dad said. I’d love to stay and chat, but Zack just fell asleep, and I don’t want to wake him. “Oh, that’s ok,” Billy’s dad said. “We’ll see you and Zack tomorrow.” Billy and his dad then went to Ellieth the Elephant’s house. Billy thought that Ellieth will still be awake, because they were always playing until dark when their parents had to call them home. “Hello,” Billy said to Ellieth’s grandmother. “I was wondering if Ellieth was still up so we could play.” Ellieth’s grandmother laughed. “Oh no, Billy. She’s been fast asleep since the sun went down. But she’d love to play tomorrow. “Okay, thanks

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