Billy Mills 'Running Brave': An American Hero

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Billy Mills: An American Hero In the movie Running Brave there are many references from the old/new ways. There are many similarities between When The Legends Die and Running Brave with the old/new ways on and off the reservation. Billy struggles with being an Indian at school; they call him the Indian boy and that’s all he is nothing else and that even he loses because he’s Indian when they don’t know that he is half white. To make things worse his family or what’s left of it back on the reservation think he fell into the white world when they pull up to the beautiful house of Billy’s girlfriends house. This was kind of what tom thought when he had to go to the reservation with Blue Elk. Tom thought that all other Indian had turned white in not learning the old ways. All in all, there are many similarities between Tom and Billy and the old/new ways. First, because Billy is Indian, many people think he is a quitter. But, they were in for a real treat with Billy. Many people did not like him on campus because he was Indian. Also, they thought he did not earn his way into college and did not deserve his scholarship.…show more content…
From here he started to falter in his ambition to win races because of this. They don’t think he will do anything after college. They think this because the last Indian boy that went to college only lasted three weeks. After loosing all of his ambition to run, he joins the marines for guidance. Then he began to run for them. He gained ambition and as he was running for the Marines he felt like he was running with all his friends and family that have died. The Marines thought he was good enough to join the U.S. Olympic Running Team, in doing this; he totally redeems himself in the Olympics in Tokyo, Japan and wins the 10,000 meter race. After he wins Bill Easton is there to congratulate him and apologize for everything that he said about

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