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Charles Meagher III Dr. Harris Clare 110-12 30 August 2012 Billy Joel an Authentic Artist? What defines an authentic artist? Is being an authentic artist based off ones opinion or rather off the originality and meaning towards each piece of music? Billy Joel spent his whole life following his dream, to be a professional musician. He spent day after day practicing, working harder and harder trying to better himself. When he finally accomplished his dream he never stops trying. One can really tell by listening to his music that Billy Joel put his whole heart and soul into his music, and in my opinion that what makes him truly authentic. William Martin "Billy" Joel was born May 9, 1949. He is an iconic and authentic pianist, song writer. Billy built his career from nothing, he was a no name artist until his authentic music started his flourishing livelihood. Joel's early career consisted of him pursuing a dream of being a full time musician. He started out by finding a local long island band, called "The Echoes". As a high school student, Billy played for the Echoes for several years. It was at age 16 that Billy decided to leave high school and pursue his dream, as a professional musician. The Echoes had become a very popular band in New York and in 1965 they began recording sessions. Joel had a key role in playing piano for several of their major recordings. Their success was very limited though, in 1967 Joel left in search of a more successful band. Finally he joined the band Hassles, that had just signed a contract with United Artists Records. Unfortunately it seemed as though their hype was short lived also. Billy's early career was challenging and consisted of him jumping from band to band trying to become as successful as he could possibly be. Little did Joel know at this time that these were such small steps in his career to come. It wasn't till 1972

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