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The Last Enemy Death: Our Mortal Enemy The author of this book really opened up our minds to a whole new way of understanding that death really is an enemy to God and to all mankind because it destroys life. All of this happened due to sins that came and disturbed all of God’s creation. Only when Christ returns in all of his glory at the closing of this era will all sins be eliminated and God’s creation then will be restored to the previous plan. God did not have this plan in mine when he made the world there was no sin. Sin came into the picture due to Adam and Eve they both made the wrong choices to disobey God and believed the lies that Stan told them. There will come a day when death will be destroyed and there will be no more sin everything will be the way that God originally had plan. The Bible tells us that sin is death; however God has promised us a gift of eternal life. We can have this only because of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ because of what he did for us on the cross at Calvary. Some people have wonder what life would have been like if Adam had never sinned against God we don’t really know because the Bible does not tell. The Bible tells us that God put Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. The Bible states that Enoch and Elijah entered into heaven and they never experienced death. One day there is going to be a body of believers that will never know about the physical death. When Christ returns the body of believers that are his own will be changed in the twinkling of an eye to meet him in the air to go back with him. There was a report made about some of the response people have about death. Many people encounter death from different viewpoints, some people say that they don’t believe anything about death they say once you die that’s it and others laugh and there are still others that has an philosophical perception

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