Billy Bones Character Analysis

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Billy Bones’s passing was no surprise for the habitual drunkard. The elderly sea captain died a silent but unforgettable death at the Admiral Benbow inn with young Jim Hawkins by his side. After surviving a life threatening stroke Bones hung at the brink of life with everyday being a struggle as well as the fear of death. The day he gets cursed by the infamous black spot he drops to the floor leaving behind his sea-chest and the memories of his pirate hood. Little is known about Billy Bones’s past, but it is certain that he lead an abnormal life filled with action and betrayal. He brought excitement as well as fright to the locals at the Admiral Benbow where he was addressed merely as Captain. He terrorized the…show more content…
He was very quiet at times, and was reluctant or sometimes refused to speak when he was spoken to. During his lifetime Bones was more of an egocentric man who liked things to be done his way. Nobody without immense bravery had ever dared to stand up to him as he wasn’t a man who didn’t hesitate to reveal one of his weapons when an opportunity arose. Bones also declined advice that anybody gave which was partly the cause of his death. The old sea dog has experienced the thrill and the adventure of the life of a pirate with a sabre scar on his cheek to prove it. Because the buccaneer was once first mate on a ship guided by Flint, a notorious pirate that invaded the sea, it lead him to numerous encounters from unwelcomed visitors in pursuit of his sea-chest. After Bones’s death, Jim and his mother searched the mysterious chest that many have been longing for and found Flint’s map along with other valuable as well as not so valuable items of Billy Bones’s belongings. Billy Bones’s death would definitely not be an unforgettable one, the real old salt has achieved a lot in life and his passing may open a door to others, maybe even because of the map in his

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