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Bill Ramussen Essay

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  • on December 2, 2013
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Blake Dornak
Extra Credit – Speaker Evaluation

Bill Rasmussen

On October 24, 2013 I went to Texas Hall and listened to the founder of ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network), Bill Rasmussen and his story called Share The Dream: The ESPN Story. His story was not only amazing but truly inspiring. I want to share why I attended his speech and what his message was. Creating a 24 hour cable sports television station and making it the worldwide leader in its own category.
He started his speech telling us a little about himself and his background. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Bill went to DePauw University, graduating with a bachelor's degree in Economics in 1954. He then served in the United States Air Force before beginning his professional career working for Westinghouse's lamp division (Bloomfield, New Jersey) in sales and marketing. He later earned his Masters of Business Administration from Rutgers University. In the summer of 1978 the dream of creating the first 24 hour sports network had begun. With Bill being a lifelong entrepreneur and sports fan, innovating some of his most famous creations, like Sports Center, was a walk in the park. “I just created what every sports fan had dreamed of” said Rasmussen.
September 7, 1979 ESPN aired for the first time just 14 months after his moment of inspiration. Bill wanted a sports network that everyone could enjoy at their own convenience. With an all day broadcasting network, this fit the part. Anyone could catch up on what was going on in the sporting world. His masterpiece, Sports Center, is still the heart and soul of ESPN.  He broke the advertising barrier to cable television by signing Anheuser Busch to the largest cable TV advertising contract ever. He said that no one believed in him while his hopes and dreams of producing one of the largest broadcasting deal in television history was in doubt. Overcoming these doubters and soaring past expectations he became known as “The...

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