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Bill of Rights Amendments Paper

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  • on July 10, 2012
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University of Phoenix
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Bill of Rights and Amendments paper

Rafael Valle-Serrano
HIS 301- U.S. Constitution
Instructor: Mrs. Tiffany Torain

In a general and clear standpoint towards the execution of the law, without surpassing the morals and rights of people, has been the main mission from the beginning and now present Constitution of the United States. Basically, the Constitution is a model for a framework of a government and many countries had adopted, converting them in better nations too. Its’ main purpose at first was to establish a type of power in the system, but giving the people its option on choosing the best for them and be treated equally with right to do better with their lives. At its’ beginning, the Constitution had troubled to be recognizable and had strong criticism by a group of men that questioned the purpose of the Constitution and the doubt they had in certain provisions in it. These men, called Anti-Federalists, were vital in the creation of types of rights involving the people to develop a balanced government. One of them, James Madison, was the main supporter and founder of the first twelve amendments, which later were reduced to ten because of two that didn’t had effect. He had a strong contention with the Congress which doubted every request of his petitions, although some of those amendments were little impacting and with no need of establish them as this was considered strongly by Congress’ members to not approve these amendments.

By the installation of the Ninth Amendment to provide enumeration to the rights in the Constitution to protect and help preserve people rights, the other amendments were recognized in the Congress and became part of the Constitution; and 27 amendments have been written in present day securing the right and respect toward people and also, the opportunity of choosing the best leaders they consider to do best its job. Then, those first ten amendments were...

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