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Bill of Rights As the founding fathers of our nation did, lets get down to business. The Bill of Rights was the answer to achieving satisfaction between the federalist and antifederalist mindsets that debated for the ethical grounds of which this nation was built. Natural rights were highly discussed while attempting to reach a common ground between the states. As the ratification of the Constitution was debated strenuously, James Madison promised that the Bill of Rights would be incorporated as soon as the Constitution has been fully ratified. Though that offer appealed to Virginia and a few other states, it was not a sufficient solution for the rest, who counter offered on the grounds that a Bill of Rights, to protect individual rights of the people along with limiting the federal government’s power, be drawn up. Including revisions to the Constitution, Madison is responsible for the 10 amendments that make up the Bill of Rights. Virginia was the last to ratify in December of 1791; to establish a truly united set of states that is guaranteed to uphold common rights for it’s citizens. Starting from 17 amendments passed by the House of Representatives, and ending with the 10 that were collectively ratified by the states, the limitations of law is key to the success of the amendments passed. The First Amendment is a prime example of natural rights that under no circumstances should be taken from a reasonable person, ever. A basis for the Bill of Rights. Founders of the nation agreed that speech is significant for a person to pursue life, liberty and happiness. Prohibiting laws, in respect to a class of religion and its practices, freedom of speech and press is under the First Amendment.The right to peaceably assemble for a petition against the government is also guaranteed. This amendment has lead to the success of civil rights movements, and continues to

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