Bill of Rights Essay

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TUMAINI UNIVERSITY IRINGA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE FACULTY OF LAW IRINGA- TANZANIA LL.M. IN ICJHR Name of the Student: Adella Kimaro Name of the lecture: Dr Levira Subject: National Protection of Human Rights system Nature of Work: Individual Work Due Date: Title: With specific reference to case laws , discuss the strength and weakness of judiciary in Tanzania in protecting human rights before and after the incorporation of the Bill of Rights into the URT Constitution, 1977 1.0 Introduction Human rights are the rights that every human being automatically qualifies for at birth. They cannot be denied because of the colour of one’s skin, religion, age or other personal factors. Central to the concept of human rights is the protection of human dignity. Human rights are manifested by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was adopted in 1948 by the United Nations. These are not provided in any document. Human rights instrument only recognize and guarantee them and to put standards. Violation of human rights can be both be horizontal or vertical. Violations done by state to its people are vertical and violations among citizens are horizontal. 1.1 During Colonial Era without bill of rights . Historically Tanzania passed through different colonial administration. Before German invasion, Tanzania by then Tangayika and Zanzibar went through difficult times under Arabs. The presence of Arabs made the trade of slave trade to be the main type of human right violation by then. During colonial time it was hardly to hear any one talk of Human rights in Tanzania. Prof Maina says, for the colonial government to pretend to uphold the fundamental rights and freedom would defeat the very aim of

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