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student name Teacher class date Bill Gates is not only a billionaire, but he is also the founder of Microsoft. William Henry Gates was born October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington and grew up there. His grandmother would always call him trey because he was bill the third. He came from a very intelligent family and very successful. He was a very independent child and always loved to read literature. Bill Gates was always top in his class at the Lakeside School even as a young child. His parents often discussed their work problems with him and how he might deal with them. When he was a kid he was very fascinated with technology and how to make it even better. Bill met Paul Allen at Lakeside School, who was two years his senior. They became fast friends, bonding on their common interest in computers. They both spent a lot of their free time together working on programs. They would soon be business partners of their software Microsoft. Once the first computer system came out, Gates was in junior high. After being one of the first to use it he came up with the hypothesis, “what if we could make a machine that could save the information and not on paper.” At the age of 15,Gates went into business with his friend, Paul Allen. They developed "Traf-o-Data," a computer program that monitored traffic patterns in Seattle, and netted $20,000 for their efforts. Allen and Gates wanted to start their own company, but Bill’s parents wanted him to finish school and go on to college where they hoped he would work to become a lawyer. Bill Gates graduated from Lakeside in 1973. He scored 1590 out of 1600 on the college SAT test, an achievement of academic accomplishments that for several years he bragged about when he introduced himself to new people. Originally thinking of a career in law, he enrolled at Harvard University in the fall. But his freshman year

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