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William H. Bill Gates was born on 28th October, 1955 in Washington DC, US. Besides Bill Gates are the Chairman and the founder of Microsoft; He is also a successful business man, an honest man and a truly charitable person. He is also an author and wrote some of the books: “The Road Ahead “and Business @ the Speed of Thought”. Bill Gates is truly fond of playing Golf, Tennis and Bridge. He is apprehended the designations as CEO of Microsoft and Chief Software designer, he is ranked the richest people of the world, and he is known as the second richest person in the world. Bill Gates is also a leading individual shareholder of 6.4% of the world stock. Bill Gates father is William H. Gates II. He is a successful attorney of Seattle, and his mother was a teacher, a Principal of University of Washington. His father expected from Bill a lot and would follow his footsteps. Bill himself was a God gifted student, He was excellent in all the subjects and he always showed special skills in Mathematics. That is why his parents sent him in a private and Lakeside highly demanding school besides challenging him in a public school. Bill had a deep awareness of computer programming at very early age. While he was a Harvard student, Gates also authored a Basic Programming Language. He ran a small Company with his friend Paul Allen and he also made a computer and sold it. Before completing graduation, In 1975 he was gone Harvard to establish Microsoft with the help of his friend Paul Allen. Bill Gates designed Microsoft to build up software for individual computers. He made this company for not only just American Citizens, but for the entire mankind in the world. In 1983, Microsoft Corporation legitimately revealed Microsoft Windows as a subsequently operating system of the world. One of the biggest aspects of Gates Life is Charity, the money he gives for charity and to

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