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Bill Gates Bill Gates has changed the lives of millions of people through his programming that made the household computer to virtually everybody and simplifying the usage of the average computer, all in all he and his company brought simple computing to the world. William H. Gates the third was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. The Gates family atmosphere was warm and close, and all three children were encouraged to be competitive and strive for excellence. Bill showed early signs of competitiveness when he coordinated family athletic games at their summer house on Puget Sound. In his early years when he still lived in Seattle, Washington he was among the brightest kids in his class and blossomed in all of his subjects to the point where he felt like he was no longer being challenged. According To Bill Gates, his classes where so easy and uneventful that he had trouble paying attention and he would often get in trouble for doing things that he was not supposed to do. His parents eventually took him out of the public school system and enrolled him into a private school by the name of Lakeside Elementary. It was at Lakeside Private School, which had the usage of personal computers in the classrooms, where he discovered his love for electronics, specifically computers ( During his time at Lakeside, Bill Gates wrote his first computer program with the help of a close friend in seventh grade. His teachers would later say that ninety percent of the time while Bill was in school he would be on the computer. Gates enjoyed a normal, active childhood participating in sports, also as a member of the cub scouts and his family owned a vacation house for the summer season in Bremerton, Washington. In 1973, Bill Gates entered Harvard University to pursue a career in computer sciences. He was at Harvard for only one and a half years when he

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