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B. Hannah 3/3/11 Com 201 Bill Gates on mosquito's, malaria and education Who is Bill Gates? and Why would we listen to him? Bill Gates is founder and former CEO of Microsoft. In the summer of 2008, Gates left his day-to-day role with Microsoft to focus on philanthropy (Bill Gates on mosquitoes, malaria and education, 2009). With Bill focusing on philanthropy he brought to us the topic mosquito's, malaria and education. As I watching this video I saw many good things he did during his speech which include: telling a story at the introduction, he developed supporting evidence, good gestures and good use of presentation aids. As he opened his speech up with a short story (Chapter 14,pg. 236), this story told many different and small pieces of great information. About writing a letter a week ago and drawing people in to help these small problems such as mosquito's malaria and education. He also says he believes any tough problem can be solved. During his whole speech he had great supporting evidence (Chapter 8, pg. 133), such as the death and birth of children and how this disease was all around the world but now it is nearly nowhere. This is because it was taken care of with vaccines and something call a "bed net." These bed nets where put up before you went to sleep to catch the mosquito's as they entered your bedroom, or tent. The bed net was increasing the rate of people not having malaria by 50 percent. From the beginning to the end of his speech he was using great hand gestures (Chapter 19, pg. 289). He was using these to describe different types of things and it was also a way to tell how much time he spent in the speech and where he was more focused on. He also didn't use any note cards or anything to remind him what he was talking about. This shows how much he prepared for this speech and how much research he put into it. He also included the

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