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MGT307 – Bill Gates Abstract. Bill Gates is a business tycoon who provided his knowledge and applied different theories that have help shape the world as we know it. The Microsoft software is one of the most commonly used programs in computers to date. His success has varies different means to an end. The company is at its peak and his contributions to mankind cannot be overlooked. Becoming Bill Gates The story of Bill Gates is complex and enjoyable in many ways. To think that a baby boomer from Seattle would manufactory and idea that changes the world is far-fetched but no so in many ways. Bill Gates Company Microsoft is one of the most recognized company’s in the world. Microsoft has been the top computer software since the early 80’s. This company makes billions of dollars off of product; services and stocks. Bill Gates has lived a creative and compelling life that still provides great services to different foundations and organizations. The life of Bill gates has had several gains and loses during the foundation of the Microsoft Company. History Bill Gates was born William Henry Gates the 3rd on October 28, 1955 in Seattle Washington. His father was a Seattle attorney and his mother was a school teacher at the University of Washington. Growing up Bill excelled in math and science throughout elementary through high school. Bill’s first computer technology experience was an ASR-33 teletype computer block in the eighth grade. He took a huge interest in the way the computer operated and mechanics within the machine. Bill wondered how this machine produce results can, how can this machine become better. Once Bill entered high school he began to experiment with programming. He soon asked to be excused from math class so that he could research and continue exploring computer programming on a full time level. Some years later Bill

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