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William Bill Gates is the computer industry's youngest billionaire. He is the president and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Microsoft. He has made several important contributions to the world of technology. Gates' family had a good financial status. His father, William H. Gates II, was an important lawyer. His mother, Mary, was the director of First Interstate Bank. It all started in 1995, Seattle, Washington, where one of the brains behind Microsoft Corporation was born, William Henry Gates III. At thirteen he started going to Lakeside School. A year later, the Mothers' Club invested in a computer terminal for the students. Gates teamed up with three other students, including Paul Allen who later became his partner, to form The Lakeside Programmers Group. Their first real business deal was a program they wrote for Information Sciences Incorporated, in 1971. At the young age of 15, Gates was able to crash two of the most advanced computer systems at that time. Although his ability to crash these two systems brought him some major trouble, it also led him to his first business. Gates and Allen started the company Traf-O-Data, which earned them $20,000.They developed a machine that would show summaries on road traffic. Unfortunately, Traf-O-Data was not a big success. However, after their Traf-O-Data adventure they received a job offer. They were able to earn $30,000 a year working with a software development group, which proved to be a very valuable experience for both Allen and Gates. Then in 1973 Gates started at Harvard University, in Massachusetts. In December 1974, Paul Allen, the other brain behind Microsoft, saw a magazine article describing the Mango Information Technology Systems (MITS), a home computer kit. This encouraged them to make a contract with MITS, and make the Basic language for the system. Before setting up Microsoft in its own building in

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