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Global Diseases In the essay “ Saving the World Is Within Our Grasp”, Bill Gates reveals that global diseases can be terminated. This point is illustrated by the comparison between two periods of time in his life. One decade ago, Bill Gates and his wife Melinda, visited Sub-Saharan Africa and other developing countries. He saw that diseases wiped out lives, due to inefficient medical cares and poor medical supplies. He did not agree to this at all, and he believed that certain global diseases could be eradicated. He said that every child, no matter where he or she is born, has the right to the opportunity of a healthy life and vaccines are one of the best ways to assure it. The major causes of deaths were from different diseases, and mainly because the society did not have any contact or access to vaccines, which would greatly help their society. Through what he saw and analyzed, he realized that creating and delivering vaccines for the Gates Foundation became the number one focus. Gates Foundation pledged US$ 750 million to set up GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations, in 1999(GAVI). I agree with Gates’s basic premise that certain global diseases can be eradicated. In 2010, Bill and Melinda Gates called for "decade of vaccines". After just one decade, this problem was greatly alleviated. He saw in South Africa, that abundant amount of medicines are available for sustaining people’s health. Most noticeably, this success could not be achieved without better financing and the progress in today’s medical field. “The GAVI Alliance has immunized 100 million children, averting some 600,000 deaths last year alone. The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and malaria is saving 3,000 lives a day” (369). One of the biggest things Gates pointed out was how there are millions and millions of children in developing countries who do not receive

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