Bill Gates Essay

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Over the past two decades people have developed the dependency on computers for there everyday requirements. Computers have revolutionized the way humans communicate with one another, research using the internet, and view multimedia. Bill Gates was the mastermind responsible for these advancements in computers and software. Therefore I consider Bill Gates the most influential man in the past few years because he has left a remarkable technological footprint on the world. All children grow up dreaming about how they can revolutionize the world but, only a select few are able to succeed. Bill Gates was no different; he grew up dreaming of developing a game that everyone including himself would enjoy. At the adolescent age of 13, Gates started his programming career. Gates continued his programming practices all the way through college, where he wrote his first program at Harvard. During his junior year, Gates did the unthinkable and dropped out. To put this in perspective, only about 14% of 25,000 people are accepted at Harvard every year but, Bill Gates was convinced his Microsoft idea would develop into something much larger. His dream came true on November 20th 1985 when the first version of Windows was released to the public. The development of Windows was the first milestone for an increasingly expanding computer market. People were now able to execute everyday activities in much easier ways. The internet provided people with the ability to send letters via email, rather then through snail-mail. Also, the internet provided a library of research materials at the fingertips of millions. Now these simple tasks could be completed in virtually a fraction of the time it took before computers were even dreamed of. Bill Gates dream that started in his garage has expanded to all homes, offices and schools throughout the world. With his dream accomplished Bill

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