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Bill Gates by Robert Heller 1. Introduction or overview of the book. The book I have chosen is “Bill Gates” by Robert Heller. It seems to be a biography about bill gates when you read the title o f the book. But when you keep on reading you will realize that this is not a simple book describing about bill gates. This book consists of 112 pages including 5 chapters.”Bill gates” by Robert Heller gives you a clear idea, who is bill gates, how was his past, how he came to this place and who is he now. The most important thing is writer has considered about the moral values you can get from him, the way a businessman must think, the way a student must study in order to come to a good place like this. Robert Heller does not speak every good point about bill gates he even speaks about the failures of Microsoft Company and how he overcomes those. I think that is the most important thing to give the readers. Even the world riches man got problems, so we got too. According to him Bill Gates is a genius of the software revolution and the master of the information age. I think this is the best way to describe bill gates in one sentence. Finally I would like to summarize what’s inside the book for you to get a clear idea about the contents of this book this book analyzes the key skills behind the genius of bill gates an presents a series of master classes that show how to use the master’s techniques. It also includes the following subtopics. 1) Focus on his goals 2) Recognizes his mistakes 3) Hires the best brains 4) Dominates the market 5) Seizes opportunities 2. A description and evaluation of the main messages contained within the book a. Ideas into action This is one technique bill Gates use. Anyone can have ideas but can they achieve them? This is where the problem rises. For example I want to be rich and famous like bill gates, but if I

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