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Obstacles: -When I was young, my hobby is playing the computer, but back to the time I was in, there are not that many computer in people’s house, -His father wants him to go to the laws school, but he does not. So he drops off the college Havre. -Bill gets a lot of lawsuit from FTC, APPLE and Residents. -He was richest man for 13 years, but now end. Gates Foundation -biggest philanthropist -Microsoft co—founder BASIC MS-DOS WINDOWS It was during the spring term of 1968, at Lakeside Prep School that Bill Gates first used a computer. Though computers were still too expensive to buy, the school held a fundraiser and acquired computer time on a DEC PDP-10 owned by General Electric. This cost them several thousand dollars but the school expected this to last them a whole year. However the schools did not count on the enthusiasm of several young students. He, Paul Allen and several other students (of which many became Microsoft programmers) became addicted to the computer, spending all day and all night writing programs and reading all the material they could get their hands on. Soon this began to take its toll on their education. Homework was being handed in late, classes were being skipped and all the schools computer time was used up in a few weeks. In autumn 1968, the Computer Centre Corporation opened in Seattle, offering computer time at good rates. A deal was soon struck between Lakeside Prep School and the Computer Centre Corporation that allowed the school to continue to provide computer time for their students.He and his friends wasted no time in exploring the new machine and soon started causing problems. They caused the system to crash several times and broke the security system. They even got banned for several weeks after changing into the file that recorded how much computer time

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