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William H. Cosby Jr. Topic: Bill Cosby General Purpose: Introduction Specific Purpose: To introduce my class to Bill Cosby – a famed comedic performer of stage, films and television. Central Idea: Bill Cosby has used influence through television, films, and live performances to help shape the perception of not just Black Comedy but Black men across America. Preview: I will inform my classmates about the various key issues that Bill Cosby has spoken on through his comedy act, television or movie appearances, and public speaking engagements. Introduction I. Today it is my pleasure to introduce a comedic genius known across the country by the sound of his voice. II. People often recognize for his comedy but he is very upfront about his personal beliefs even when he encodes them in comedy. III. Most people are familiar with his syndicated sitcom from the 80’s or his earlier work on the cartoon series Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. The Cosby Show and Fat Albert were based on his own life experiences with his family and friends. A. The real gem of the series was Bill’s ability to present a dynamic of minority life that was at the time unheard of by the mainstream media. For most people seeing a Black doctor married to a Black lawyer living in New York City with five children without the normal saturation of drugs, gangs and violence seemed awkward. B. The Fat Albert series focused on a group of kids living in a blue collar Philadelphian neighborhood dealing with a wide range of social and economical events. IV. Today before I bring him to the stage I would like to bring your attention to Bill Cosby the Community Activist. Body I. When you have great notoriety your ability to influence public opinion is equally great. Mr. Cosby has used this stage in the form of his television shows and public speaking engagements to

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