Bill Clinton And His Political Accomplishments

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As many Americans know, the United States had better economic welfare and peace due to Bill Clinton’s successful political accomplishments. From creating a strong economy, to lowering crime rates, to improving the nation’s health, Clinton did it all. Bill Clinton’s accomplishments were truly remarkable due to believing in the common good of all citizens and the equality that many citizens experienced during his presidency. Bill Clinton’s success and numerous political accomplishments were the result of his social and political experience. Clinton worked together with his administration to create a better welfare for the benefit of all citizens. President Clinton once stated, “As we approach the next century, the American Dream must be restored to all Americans, and common ground must be found amid our great diversity”. During his presidency, Clinton was able to achieve the lowest unemployment rate in modern time. He was also able to drop crime rates significantly in many states and was capable of reducing welfare roles. It was also then, where citizens had the highest home ownership in the country’s history. All of these extraordinary achievements are only a few of the many ways Bill Clinton followed the fundamental belief of the common good. Not only did Clinton attain political achievements by believing in the common good of all citizens, but he also believed in equality. Bill Clinton supposed that mending affirmative action was necessary in order to give special consideration, in jobs and college admission, to members of groups that where discriminated against in the past. Moreover, he believed that there is a greater need for race-conscious affirmative action to aim support to small businesses owned by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals. In addition to strengthening the act of affirmative action, Clinton strongly supported gay marriages.

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