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Bill Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe, III, in Hope, Arkansas.[17] His father, William Jefferson Blythe, Jr., was a traveling salesman who died in an automobile accident three months before Bill was born.[1] Following Bill's birth, in order to study nursing, his mother Virginia Dell Cassidy (1923–1994), traveled to New Orleans, leaving Bill in Hope with grandparents, Eldridge and Edith Cassidy, who owned and operated a small grocery store.[18] At a time, when the Southern United States were racially segregated, Bill's grandparents sold goods on credit to people of all races.[18] In 1950, Bill's mother returned from nursing school and shortly thereafter married Roger Clinton, who, together with his brother, owned an automobile dealership in Hot Springs, Arkansas.[18] The family moved to Hot Springs in 1950. Although he assumed use of his stepfather's surname, it was not until Billy (as he was known then) turned fourteen that he formally adopted the surname Clinton as a gesture toward his stepfather.[18] Clinton says he remembers his stepfather as a gambler and an alcoholic who regularly abused his mother and half-brother Roger Clinton, Jr., to the point where he intervened multiple times with the threat of violence in order to protect them.[18][19] In Hot Springs, Clinton attended St. John's Catholic Elementary School, Ramble Elementary School, and Hot Springs High School - where he was an active student leader, avid reader, and musician.[18] Fellow students included the late watercolorist and sculptor, Tonya Bailey. He was in the chorus and played the tenor saxophone, winning first chair in the state band's saxophone section. He briefly considered dedicating his life to music, but as he noted in his autobiography My Life: Sometime in my sixteenth year, I decided I wanted to be in public life as an elected official. I loved music and thought I could be

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