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Bill Clinton was born with name William Jefferson Blythe III at Hope, Arkansas. Unfortunately, 3 months before Clinton was born, his father was died in accident at Missouri. Clinton grew up in a traditional family with mother and stepfather who was real drunken and gambler. Perhaps, in this situation of family, which gave him motivations to try to escape. Was the 42nd president of the United States, Clinton was called one of the “most popular American Presidents of the 20th Century”. However, in his term as a president, he will always be remembered for the Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky and the Whitewater scandals, but we can understand and forgive why was these happened because Bill Clinton was and is being human and each human can be gotten mistakes, besides this we can not controvert his contributions to build up a strong economic country like America and his contributions in the international relations. The purpose of this essay is looking at and analyzing the ways in which President Bill Clinton used his driving force to direct American to become a strongest country in the world and over this, we will consider how to apply these abilities in modern days’ leadership and management. In Clinton’s life, there are 2 events, which were given efforts to become a person of public. Firstly, in the period of high school, Clinton was selected to visit the White House and then many newspapers and magazines were spent a lot of ink and paper to talk about the handshake between Bill Clinton and the President John F. Kennedy in July 1963, who was also Clinton’s political idol. Some journalist was joking that handshake symbolized the continuity between the Kennedy 1960s and the Clinton 1990s. But in the way to become a president, Clinton also faced many difficulties, upon graduation from the high school in 1964, he attend to Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. After coming

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