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Bilingualism Marion Graham Applied Linguistics/ Eng 380 October 26, 2014 Faculty Name Bilingualism Bilingualism and even multilingualism extremely common throughout the world, leaving those that are monolingual in the minority. Bilingualism is a complex part of the study of linguistics the way it works and is used varies from person to person. This makes it unique to each individual where their level of understanding of the languages they speak are. There are different forms of bilingualism that makes it into the complex phenomenon that it is. There are some cases where a child learns two different languages from infancy on aiding in the formation of their speech and language skills, this is referred to as Simultaneous bilingualism. In Simultaneous bilingualism both languages are considered the child’s “first language” since they are both taught and acquired at the same time in their life. Simultaneous bilingualism commonly takes place with children who are spoken to in two different spoken languages at an early age, typically during the early stages of their life and continuously throughout their first years and the end of their major language developmental stage. This is completely different than the way sequential bilingualism is used. In the case of sequential bilingualism there is one first language that is taught from the time of infancy on and much later on, many times even in adulthood, a second language is introduced and taught. In this case there is one first language or native language and the second language is typically referred to as a foreign language. The period in which the two languages are learned varies but after the age of three, children are generally considered sequential bilinguals (Castilla, Restrepo & Perez-Leroux, 2009). The Unitary System Hypothesis has come from the debate on whether or not babies who are considered

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