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Title Investigating the perceptions of bilingual education and preserving the heritage language of Korean-American parents residing in Los Angeles area. I. Introduction In recent years more so than any other time in my life I have been thinking thoroughly about the issues surrounding bilingualism, especially towards second generation Korean-Americans. After being married to a second generation Korean-American and as I prepare myself to become a parent, I am faced with same predicament as my parents generation have once faced many years ago. The hardest question to answer when you become a parent is “what is the best for my child”. As far as which language to focus, is it English or Korean? Which language is more important? My family immigrated to US when I was a thirteen years old. While, focusing on learning English which was so important for our education and the future, my parents felt that we needed to speak Korean at home. Hence, Korean language was well preserved in our family. Of course, having a huge Korean community and broadcast available made it much easier for us to keep our language and our identity. However, my husband’s parents who came back in the 60’s to study in US have much different experience. Back in those days there was only handful of Koreans in the community. Minority inequality was felt so deeply through the skin and not knowing the language meant not being able to get anywhere in life. Upward mobility was strongly desired by any minority at the time and many immigrants sacrificed their language and culture to assimilate into mainstream society completely. His parents did everything possible to keep the tradition and teach the children to know who they are and what they are, except excluding the language part. As time passed and the Korean community developed in Los Angeles, they realized that

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