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Bilingual Education: Beneficial or a Failure In today’s world there are a lot of children that are bilingual. This makes for a greater need of bilingual education. There are more places where this is needed then others such as by the borders and where there are a lot more immigrants. Where there are more bilingual family’s living. In some family’s the parents cannot even speak English so the only way for their children to learn how to speak English would be in school and bilingual programs such as English as a second language (ESL). So what are those kids to do? There are many different ways to look at it. Some people think that bilingual education is a failure but there are the others that think it is beneficial to children. “Bilingual education programs are largely a failure” says Linda Chavez she goes to say that “students who are placed in bilingual programs often and up illiterate in both their native language and English.” Which is a very good thought because if you think about it, it takes most Americans a long time to be literate in just English. So you might be able to teach a child there native language and English. But how well are they going to be able to us it in the right terms. In the long run of their education will they be able to use both languages the right way. “The reason bilingual education is failing so many of Americans students is because it relies on a flawed theory.” Said Chavez, “This theory states that to become fully proficient in a new language, a student first must be literate and proficient in his or her native language.” In other wards what she is trying to say in that non-English-proficient children have to first be taught how to read and write in their own native language for at least a five to seven year program. They would also want 80 percent of the children’s day to be spent hearing, speaking, reading and writing their

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