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Bilingual Education “The more languages you know, the more of a person you are.”(1) Bilingual education is something that will only make our life easier. It helps your brain, social life and even economy. Every school should teach at least two languages, not only it will improve the students future but also It will help them learn faster and easier. Knowing more than one language is a passport to the world. When you are traveling to a foreign country, is not weird that because of lack of communication, you get in a lot of misunderstandings, you can prevent this by learning the language of the country you are going. Also it can prevent countries from getting into fights because of meaningless misunderstandings. People that argue that bilingual education make drop outs happen even more are wrong. On the contrary, the lack of bilingual education is what increases school drop outs. Only 18% of school are bilingual and only 43% have ESL (English as a second language). Which means that students that don’t know English will learn nothing, if you give this students help. Then the drop out rate will go down. If you learn more than one language you will learn faster, easier and it will keep your brain healthy. Bilingual education is a small investment that will bring even a bigger investment in a long term to the country. Students are less likely to drop out and will learn more languages which means better opportunities for their future, so economy will go up because there will be more jobs. In the social part it will brings families and communities closer. “ A person who knows two languages is worth two people” – French proverb 1-European Commission

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