Bilbo Becomes a Hero Essay

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Mr. Bilbo Baggins at first did not want to be a hero or even go on an adventure but over the course of his long trek to the Lonely Mountain he evolved in to a hero. He started becoming a hero when he tries to rob the trolls in the forest. Then chapter four they were making the long trek the mountain and in was rainy and cold and they did not have a lot to eat and they were fearful of trolls and other animals after their fight with the trolls in the forest. They then found a dry small cave that even their ponies could fit into. It was part of Bilbo sense of adventure and his Tookish blood that caused him to have a dream that that back of the cave opened up and they were all taken in and then he woke up to see the ponies disappearing in to the back of the cave then Bilbo and the rest of the dwarfs were taken down to the goblins tunnels so that able to yell in time to make sure that Gandalf was not taken with them. While he was going along he came along a ring so he picked it up and put it in his pocket. After a while of walking along the tunnel he stepped in to some water this caused him to come to a halt he did not want to wander in to a lack and be eaten by some wicked old lake animal. Then a Gollum that lived in on an island that was in the middle of the lake rowed his boat silently towers Bilbo. Bilbo was becoming a better burglar when he was talking his way out of being eaten by Gollum. He did this by talking the Gollum into have a riddle competition. If Bilbo won then Gollum would have to show him the way out they competed for a while Bilbo then Asked “What have I got in my pocket?” Gollum did not rely that this was not a real riddle so he started to try to figure it out. His first guess was “handses” this was wrong. Gollum’s next guess was “knife” this two was wrong. Gollum’s last guess was “String, or nothing!” this was his last guess and it was wrong so Bilbo

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