Bilbo Baggins Monologue

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This is terrible and I don't know what to do! Should I leave the dwarves and find my own way out of the horrible and dangerous forest that has trees that are giants, or should I save the awful, smelly Dwarves? Why do I always have to save them or do things for them? They are unpleasant to me; they came, unannounced, to my house unexpected and ordered me around to serve them my food and my drinks, in my own house! On the other hand, Dori was the only one who tried to save me and stayed with me, until I was safe away from those Wargs, and he nearly got killed by the Wargs saving me. So, I suppose he isn't as malevolent as the others… especially Thorin! I think, if we ever get to the treasure, he might keep it all for himself! The Dwarves might be mean to me, but I can't just leave them here to be killed by those giant spiders when I can save them! How I wish I stayed in my safe, cosy hobbit-hole, instead of letting Gandalf persuading me to leave it. Speaking of Gandalf, why did he have to vulnerable disappear leave us, especially here in the forest? What was so important he had to leave us for anyway? If he were here we wouldn't have gone off the path and we might have been out of here by now! What would he say if he saw us now or what would Beorn say? I don't want to think about it or that we might not see them again. My thoughts keep drifting back to my family and friends. To think I was once the most respected hobbit, in the Shire, like my father and the rest of the Baggins, to, if we survive and go back, a hobbit no one respects! I wonder if my father would respect me. Neigh, it is doubtful, this is what I have become, and if he doesn’t respect me for that then we do not deserve each other. Oh I miss him, and mother, I need their guidance. What am I doing thinking about these things? I should be thinking of a way to save the dwarves! And if we survive I will
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