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Bailando by Enrique Iglesias The song “Bailando” is different from all the songs we hear from american artists. It shows us Mexico’s culture and how they live struggling with poverty. It is a fun song to listen to even if you don’t understand it at all. The song starts off with the singer and his three friends singing spanish music and having a good time. Then suddenly they are on the poverty streets of Mexico with people of all ages enjoying life. The song ‘’Bailando” is different from the songs that play these days on the radio. There is no bad words or lyrics that sound like they are just talking. it’s mostly in Spanish which makes it even more interesting for me to listen to. The song just makes you want to get up and dance and sing along what ever you can. The song so much energy and is sexy to dance to for any occasion. The video is really cute because it shows Mexico’s poverty and how they all dance to get away from stress and come together. The dancing is so detailed, seductive and fun to learn and dance with your friends. It shows old people, young kids, teenagers and adults dancing on the streets of Mexico and having a good time. The Singer Enrique Iglesias has an emotional connection with this beautiful Mexican girl with long silky black hair, dark black eyes, pale skin and pink lips. She wears these sexy dresses you would wear to clubs and traditional Mexican clothing. When she dances its so classy, exotic and seductive. When the music is playing no one cares where they are in life or what problems they are facing. The song is interesting to me because I don’t speak spanish or know much about the culture so the lyrics and beat of the song is unique and fun to listen to. Every word sounds different in a Bring 2 good way. The song shows how even though everyone is struggling, poor and have many problems, they

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