Biking Vs Driving

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Many people’s first mode of transportation is a bicycle. Then, when the individual reaches the appropriate age, the individuals’ bike gets traded in for a car. Eventually, upon reaching college the individual must remove his or her reliance on a motorized vehicle and switch back to an easier more practical mode of transportation, a bicycle. This is especially true for the students of University of California of Davis. Riding a bicycle and driving a car are two forms of transportation that assist an individual in reaching a destination. Riding a bicycle is beneficial for both the individual riding the bike and the overall community. A bicycle is a good form of exercise and it does not pollute the environment. It allows one to get to close destination points as well places that do not allow cars to pass, and it doesn’t require the intense maintenance or the weekly gas a car does, which is extremely expensive and time consuming. Although there are reasons way a car may seem better, such if there was bad weather conditions or the travel was of great distance; however for the majority of college students a bicycle benefits triumph over a car. Riding a bicycle is a rewarding experience. When individual is pedaling as fast as he or she can the wind is blowing through the individuals hair. He or she feels like they are soaring and tearing up the roads. When riding a bike the individuals heart is pumping, he or she is getting a great cardiology workout, which means that he or she is getting into shape. Being in shape and not getting too fat is something of extreme importance to college students. Riding a bike, helps the individual riding the bike live longer because of good health. Once an individual researches the appropriate age to get his or her license, although it may seem convenient in actuality it makes the individual lazy. When driving a car all an individual

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