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Bike Tragedy Imprints Never Give Up! Essay

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  • on January 26, 2011
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Bike tragedy imprints never give up!
Kerry Clevenger 9/03/2010
Topic: tragedy creates determination
To inform my audience how determination will get you through any situation.
Thesis: determination coupled with God and a positive attitude can give you the strength to overcome any obstacle or difficult event in life.

Has any of you ever been at that point where everything seemed to be going great then the unexpected happened?
Well when I was just a lad of thirteen, I was oldest of five with four younger sisters and my mother. I had gotten my work permit, secured a job with the Muncie city school system for the summer at storer elementary.   I was going to start high school in the fall and had grand plans for sports and many other goals that I knew that I could realize.
I had my first check and got myself a shiny new bike treated my sisters and mother to dq and went out on a Saturday afternoon to see my girlfriend who lived in the country off of riggen and bethal. It was a beautiful afternoon in late July and the bike ride and the ride to her house was fabulous. We had a wonderful afternoon with a picnic that she had prepared and I even stole a kiss or two along the way. Well the day had to end and we both didn’t want it too but knew that I must get home for it was getting late. So I started down bethal heading to town when my aunt waved goodbye and I turned and waved good bye back………… then it happened bam lights out!! I woke up with several slaps on the face, was this dream?? No I had been hit by a car traveling 55 mph hit head on at this incredible speed.   All those grand plans and here I was a heap of mangled flesh in a cornfield I remember thinking to myself.   I turned grey a couple of times I heard them say not sure what that meant. I was intensive care and was not expected to live thru the week. Well I was there three weeks and was starting to heal and they were amazed that I was still around. I remember many of the saints of the church I went to...

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