Bigraphical Essay

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December 12, 1912 - I am your typical poor, christian 11 year old German. My name is Tobias, Tobias Schuam to be exact. I live in a small cramped village housing with my family called Quedlinburg in the north part of Germany, 285 kilometers away from the main city of Hamburg (Holt American Nation) My house is one story. There is hardly any room in our home that I can barely even move. It is like my set grave that I will rot in for the rest of my life. I have a mother, and a father. We are all starving. If you look at my back you can feel and see the bony structure of my spine like a mountainʻs pointy ridges bulging out of my skin. My mom and dad rarely can afford to pay for food that will last us at least two days. Therefore I do not know when the next meal will be. My mom is a baker and she tries the best that she can to sneak us a few pieces of bread from her working place. But she tells us that if she is caught she could be beaten or fired. (Holt American Nation) Our meals would vary to time. Sometimes we would starve for a day or two or have a little sip of chicken noodle soup from an old, used open can that I found on the streets to food that I find around the place. (Holt American Nation) Sometimes if we are lucky mom brings us back a loaf of bread with butter but other then that food in this household was either just crumbs or a little sip. Jobs these days were scarce to find so we could not afford one of our parents loosing their jobs. (Holt American Nation) My father works as a plumber, but he doesnʻt make much either. He is on minimum wage and he should be at home spending time with us but in reality it seems as if his work is chained to his ankle. We barely see him. Im beginning to forget who my own father is. My mom does not seem the same like before. She is depressed and stressed. She thinks that tomorrow is her last day of life due to famine. She

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