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The largest influence in a successful childhood is having the ability to be creative. Whether it be playing doctor with neighborhood playmates or making cheesy monster movies with best friends, the power of imagination makes for a happier childhood, and a successful future of social interaction. Now more than ever I’ve noticed society’s will to be creative has been demolished and replaced with fear of an imminent future. The amount of time parents get to spend with their children has been cut in half, and sometimes in thirds, and replaced with hours and hours of effort towards a paycheck that provides financial stability rather than true happiness. This trend is frightening because of its commonality, and this gradual commonality is even more frightening when we realize the negative influence this has on our nation’s youth. I understand the crucial demand for financial stability, especially due to the current events in America, but this demand isolates the people who need the most attention in this world: our children. Without a doubt, children are the ones in this world meant to provide joy which, no matter how simplistic, allows for an escape from all the problems this nation holds. My goal is to teach parents, siblings and children alike that, no matter how much negativity the future holds, nothing should hold you back from practicing creativity. An imagination is the key to happiness, as well as a way to maintain a family’s stability. Nobody knows just what the future holds, and it goes without saying that most people don’t want to know. But the last thing anybody wants to find out is that our children aren’t happy. It’s time to return creativity to this nation, and open up our lives to brighter perspectives, and a more imaginative

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