Bigger Thomas Is A Sociopath

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Bigger Thomas did horrible things that most people in this world could never do. A personality comprised of violence, compulsive lying, and no emotional connection to other living things are three pieces of evidence that can prove why Bigger may be a sociopath. Throughout the book, Native Son, Bigger takes the lives of two people without any sense of guilt or remorse. This could be because of fear and the way he was raised, or Bigger could be suffering from a very serious psychological disorder. A sociopath does not feel emotion towards others, and only looks out for the good of himself, which perfectly exemplifies the protagonist in this novel. The word sociopath describes a person who has little to no emotions towards people and other living things beside themselves. People may think that all sociopaths are psychotic serial killers, but that is not the case. There are many ordinary citizens who suffer from the psychological disorder. Symptoms of a sociopath are pathological lying, lack of remorse, incapacity of love, need for stimulation, lack of empathy, juvenile delinquency, unreliability, criminal or entrepreneurial versatility, and shallow emotions. (Humphrey, p. 1) People like this can seem like any ordinary person, making friends, having relationships, but to them the people they interact with are just objects, not people with emotions or feelings. A person is not always born a sociopath, it can be manifested during childhood through random acts of cruelty which build into a mental disorder. It is extremely difficult to judge if someone is a sociopath because on the surface they act just like everyone else. They can be extremely charming but this is only an act to benefit themselves in the future. This sounds extremely cruel but sociopaths cannot help it because they do not feel emotions. Sociopaths live in their own world where people are nothing but
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