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The Austens and the Bigg-Withers soon became friends, and Jane would have first met Harris when he was eight years old and she 14. In December 1802, when Jane was approaching her 27th birthday and Harris was 21, It was on this visit that Harris proposed marriage and was accepted. There was general rejoicing in the household. Early the next morning Jane announced her change of mind and left the house hurriedly in the Bigg-Wither carriage, accompanied by Cassandra, Alethea and Catherine, fleeing to her brother James and his wife Mary at Steventon. suggests that Harris’s sisters may have encouraged him to make the proposal. Jane Austen never married, remaining a spinster her whole life. However, several men came into life, including: Thomas Lefroy, Samuel Blackall, and Harris Bigg-Wither. Austen accepted Bigg-Wither's proposal of marriage, but she rescinded her acceptance the next day. In the end, she never married, though she may have wanted to marry Thomas Lefroy. It was revised by…show more content…
In 1802, when Jane was almost 27, Harris visited her, proposed to her and she agreed. Everybody was happy about that, but the next day, Jane announced her change of mind and fled away with her sister and closest friend Cassandra to Steventon where her brother James and his wife mary lived. Jane persuaded James to take her and Cassandra back to Bath the next day, refusing to tell James and Mary what the trouble was. Harris’s sisters may have encouraged their brother to make the proposal. Indeed, there were advantages for them if Jane became their sister-in-law and advantages for Jane herself : relief from poverty, the ability to provide for Cassandra and to assist her parents, children, social importance. We will never know what thoughts governed her decision to change her

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