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Big World Extended Response How does Tim Winton communicate his ideas? Tim Winton elucidates underlying principles of relationships through various techniques. He conveys the sacrifices of friendship, the fragile nature of friendship and its eventual demise, and how all these culminate into an alteration of a person’s outlook on life. Tim Winton employs the style of the stream of consciousness, antithesis, foreshadowing, symbolism, metaphor and flash forward to illustrate these themes. The stream of consciousness and antithesis is employed to portray the sacrifices of friendship. The contrast between the ambitions that they harboured and the despondency he is struck with is demonstrated when the narrator says “I really thought I’d be moving back this month. But I won’t of course. Not after blowing my exams.” The antithesis between hope and despair encapsulate that relationships unhinge the equality within a relationship and can be emotionally and psychologically fluctuating for the person making sacrifices. Tim Winton also demonstrates an antithesis between the present and the future, where people in a relationship are morally obliged to give up their future plans for the short-term pleasure of companionship. This is illustrated when he switches from the present to the future tense; “I’m laughing. I’m kicking the dash…I’ll never be able to tell him about the hopes I had for myself…” Therefore, Tim Winton employs the stream of consciousness and antithesis to depict the sacrifices of friendship and its moral repercussions. Winton uses foreshadowing and symbolism to show the fragility of friendship and its eventual demise. The burning kite that the narrator views above serves as a precursor to the termination of his relationship with Biggie. He late evaluated that “I really felt that I’d reached the edge of something. I had a power and a promise I’d never

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