Big vs. Small Government

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Big Vs. Small Government After reading both articles about opinions on big and smaller government the truth came out. People want the government to work with and for them, however no one wants to pay for it. As long as the people do not have to pay for the protection they will take as much as they can get. Most adults want the government involved because it reassures them that they won’t be harmed. Now, if teenagers ranging anywhere between 14 and 24 years old were asked their opinion on the governments involvement in their lives would say “screw the government,” “the government is ruining my life bro!” Being in that category I am expected to think they same way, no. My opinion towards the governments involvement in our lives is that except for certain exceptions their involvement is quite decent, The few but quite important exceptions are their involvement with the private lives of American citizens, for example when they allow themselves to listen in on a telephone conversation without the need for any sort of a warrant. Another example is actually a lack of support on such topics including Roe vs. Wayde. Where my personal belief of laws has been shut down by the government. As Milton Friedman wrote “ a sea change in the direction of the public thinking about the government’s ability to solve economic and social problems,” the public is easily influenced on talked about matters. They allow their friends, family, and even pretty pictures to influence their view on political topics. If these citizens allow others to make decisions for them then maybe the government should be greater involved. A bigger involvement has it’s downsides but based on our country’s recent history in choosing leaders and voting on laws maybe that’s just what we need. Either that or a better way to educate the people on what and who they are actually voting for. If neither of
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