Big vs. Small

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Big vs. Small Many people enjoy a social life that involve high quality enjoyment such as going to the movies, musicals, plays, magic shows and so on. I believe that one of most popular hobbies is going to the movies. There are 219 movie theaters in Manhattan alone, and over thirteen hundred major theaters in South Korea. Also, there are seven luxury theaters in Korea called Gold Cinema, which is three times more expensive than regular theaters. The screens are as big as blockbuster theaters, with thirty love seat sofas in each of the screening rooms. They provide free drinks and food like fruits, bread, and macaroons. Most of the Gold Cinemas are placed in the most hot spots in Seoul such as Kang-Nam, Myeong-Dong, Jam-Sil, Yong-San, Yeong-Deung-Po, Sindorim, and one is in Bu-San. Some of the other benefits of using Gold Cinema is that there are two staff members always standing and ready to serve the customers, even during the movie! Also, customers can use free internet, read magazines, and smoke sitting on convenient sofas in the lobby. The reason for writing about the Gold Cinemas is because I had to go to an independent theater and a blockbuster theater for this comparative essay. I went to the Paris theater which is kind of a luxury independent theater on fifty-eighth street and Fifth Avenue. It was a completely different experience from what I had experienced in Korea. Then I went to a local AMC theater to compare. For the purpose of this essay, I will compare the difference between Paris and AMC in their size, screen rooms, and accommodation of customers. First, what differed between an independent theater and a blockbuster theater is the theater size. Paris only had one screen, a small lobby, one restroom, a ticket booth, a forty square feet snack bar, and two floor levels. The AMC theater was much bigger than Paris theater. It had four
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