Big Time Football Essay

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BIG 1 Big Time Football Gregory Woulard ENG 121 Instructor Anayah January 7, 2012 BIG 2 In the world of sports there is a word called “competition”, that goes with it. When you think of that word, you think of passion, parity, and emotion. The worlds of NCAA football and NFL football should fall under the definition of competition. Both levels of football are very similar but also very different at the same time. The spirit of college football endorses, and displays the pageantry and tradition of each institute, while the student athletes leave everything they have out on the field every Saturday during the fall season. College football players take the field knowing that pride and hard work are the main ingredients to winning. The athletes primary duties while on scholarship are to maintain better than satisfactory grades while following their physical training standards mandated by their prospective coaching staffs. Not following these mandates set forth by the National Collegiate Athletic Association and coaching staffs around the country could result in the forfeiture of their scholarships. Each and every year college football brings in millions of dollars in revenue to universities across the nation. The vast majority of those earnings are from bowl games that are funded by companies like AT&T, Allstate, and Taxslayer. In addition to national media coverage of regular season games and bowl games. With scholarships and millions of dollars at stake these student athletes are auditioning for the next step in their lives or the next step in their

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