Big Red by Jim Kjelgaard

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Big Red by Jim Kjelgaard speaks about a dog named Red,and a boy named Danny. Danny and his father Ross lived at Smokey Creek on to the edge of Mr. Haggin's Wintapi Estate. Mr. Haggin was the owner of Red.In the beginningof the story,Danny was out in the woods hunting bulls. At first,Danny didn't see any bull,but he saw Old Majesty the big bear. Danny had stalked this big bear a lot of times abd thought that maybe this time he might get the shot that he had waited for so long. But then,a few feet ahead,Danny saw one of the bulls that he was looking for. The bull was laying on its back,its head twisted under its body. Danny went closer to the bull and saw a hole in its belly where Old Majesty had started to eat it. So Danny took the dead bull back to Mr. Haggin.On his way there,he saw Red and thought how nice it would be if he owned a dog like that. Danny asked Mr. Haggin how much a dog like that would cost. Mr. Haggin told him that he had bought Red for seven thousand dollars. Danny didn't say anything,because he knew that he and his dad could not afford so much money. The next morning,Ross woke Danny up and told him that Red was out on their porch. He told Danny to take it back to Mr. Haggin before the police came and something happens. So Danny went and took Red back home. But on their way,they saw Old Majesty. Red started barking at Old Majesty and chased him. Danny ran and followed them. At first,Danny lost them and didn't know where they had gone,but then he found them. He saw Old Majesty five feet above the ground and Red right under him. Just as Danny was about to shoot Old Majesty with his rifle the bear ran away. When they reached the Wintapi Estate,Danny told Mr. Haggin what had happened. Then Mr. Haggin asked Danny if he would like to go to New York for a dog show. Danny said yes. During the dog show,Red met a female Irish Setter named Sheilah,and he seemed
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