Big Giant Asses Essay

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Your momma loves big asses SECURITIES TRADING POLICY The Company has adopted a policy that imposes certain restrictions on officers, employees and franchisees trading in the securities of the Company. The restrictions have been imposed to prevent inadvertent contraventions of the insider trading provisions of the Corporations Act 2001. The key aspects of the policy are: • trading whilst in the possession of material price-sensitive information is prohibited; • trading is permitted without approval in the three week period after the release to the ASX of the half-yearly and annual results, the end of the AGM or at any time the Company has a prospectus open, but only if they have no inside information and the trading is not for short-term or speculative gain; and • trading in other circumstances is only permitted if the person is personally satisfied that they are not in possession of inside information and they have obtained approval. Permission will be given for such trading only if the approving person is satisfied that the transaction would not be contrary to law, for speculative gain or to take advantage of inside information. DPE Limited’s price-sensitive information is information which a reasonable person would expect to have a material effect on the price or value of DPE Limited’s securities. CONTINUOUS DISCLOSURE POLICY The Company has adopted a Continuous Disclosure policy so as to comply with its continuous disclosure obligations. The policy aims to: • assess new information and co-ordinate any disclosure or releases to the ASX, or any advice required in relation to that information, in a timely manner; • provide an audit trail of the decisions regarding disclosure to substantiate compliance with the Company’s continuous disclosure obligations; and • ensure that employees,

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