Big Foot Stole My Wife Essay

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1. Title: Does it work for you? Does it evoke mystery and a sense of involvement? Why? Big Foot Stole My Wife; This title evokes mystery and a knowing at the same time. Clearly you know exactly what the story is supposed to be about but it makes you wonder why. 2. Language: Is it clear? Is it evocative? Is it giving impact to the story? How? Give examples. I thought that the language was very clear and that the portrayal of disbelief of the unknown is clear. “As I think about it, no one believes anything anymore. Give me one example of someone believing in one thing. I dare you.” 3. Character & Setting: The author’s description, was it true to the character? Credibility, did you believe in this person enough to be intrigued? What made you believe or not? What they said, the dialogue, did it ring true to the author’s description of them? Give an example. Did the author draw the scene as well as they did the people in it, or better even? If not, why? This first person narrative is intriguing in that his tone is flat. I personally don’t believe in his story. They are trying to prove credibility but in turn do the opposite. He clearly blames himself for his wife leaving. 4. Plot/Storyline: Was it sustained from the start? Did it flow once it began? Were you carried? Was this story original enough for you to want to know more? Was it too involved, did it need simplifying? What did you need explained to you, if anything? If the plot isn’t working, for you, can you suggest how it could be restructured? I felt that the plot worked great for me. It was very involved and I felt it was as though he was talking right to me. The plot started immediately and flowed. I thought that the story did not need simplifying. The story was very original in my opinion knowing that the wife truly left on her own. 5. Pace & Impact: Was there anywhere were you lost

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