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Big Foot Essay

  • Submitted by: jerryota
  • on October 26, 2011
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This essay is about mythical creature “Big Foot” and argues about its existence or non

existence and if it is real or not. In the passage the writer talks about the possibility of

Bigfoot’s existence. He is talking about that there has never been any researched proof

that shows the non existence Bigfoot. And thinks it is real and   Bigfoot exist in the

wilderness of northern America.But if we look on the other hand there is no strong

evidence and only anecdotal accounts and easily hoaxed photos and video footage. There

are few points that can provide us with the facts of Bigfoot’s non existence.  

Any living animal or being needs oxygen, food, and shelter for it to survive. In order to

breed a successive generation there must be many members of the race available.

Bigfoot is supposed to be living in forests and mountains of the Pacific Northwest. The

question is what do they eat? If they are strictly herbivores then any sizeable community

would leave behind forensic evidence in the form of a "gardening" of the local flora, as

well as shed fur and droppings/scat. If   they are omnivores then the evidence would be

even greater, with the debris from animal protein sources in the evidence pool, such as

gnawed bones and shredded skins. Further evidence of such animal consumption would

also be apparent in decreased population counts of animals living in and around a Bigfoot

settlement. If they are carnivorous then the animal depopulation would be even more

pronounced, and there would likely be some type of refuse area generated by such a

sizeable group.

They also need some type of shelter like a large cave or similar for them to live in a

complete isolation in those forests or mountains. With many male and female members

living in such a place. it would need to be easily accessible for the group. Human treks

into those mountains and forests are mostly a thing of recent history,...

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