Big Fat Greek Wedding

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding Ashley Pinksy Azusa Pacific University GLBL 210 Global Studies C. Renaldo June 18, 2008 The film I watched on Sunday, June 17, 2008 is named My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Toula is 30 years old and is the main character. She lives with her parents, works in her family’s restaurant, and is single. Her father, Gus wants her to get married to a nice Greek boy, cook for her family, and have Greek babies because that is what Greek women are raised to do. However, Toula wanted more to life. She decides to go to college, which she is the first family member to do. With her education, she takes over her aunt’s travel agency, and then she meets a non-Greek man who she falls in love with. I really enjoyed watching this film because it was entertaining and I learned about the Greek culture. My personal rating for the film is an A because it depicts the Greek culture and displays how big and loud Greek families are. It was a really funny movie and it also demonstrates that cultures need to accept and have an open-mind of other cultures. I believe the intercultural message behind the film was the struggle between Gus in accepting Toula’s decision in marrying a non-Greek man. She is the first person to date someone who is not Greek, and now she is going to get married to him! The struggle would be with Gus because in the Greek culture, the father/husband is always the head of the house and makes all the decisions. All of Toula’s other family members were happy for her. Although Gus has a hard time in accepting that his daughter will be marrying a non-Greek man, he decides to accept Ian, the fiancé, into the family and is open-minded to the fact that Toula is happy and in love with him. This movie displays that an important cultural belief is that Greeks only marry other Greeks to reproduce more Greek babies. The Greek culture is shown to be
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