Big City Vs Small Town

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Big City Vs Small Town Imagine a place where making eye contact with someone is considered rude. Where making a little bit of small talk while waiting for the bus makes you seem strange and out of place. A place where thousands upon thousands of people come in contact with each other daily, but could really care less if that person were to drop dead the next day? Those things you just imagined aren’t just imaginary they are a reality. This is what large cities are like in the United States. The coldness of this actuality is what has led me to believe that growing up in a small town is much more beneficial due to the friendships that can be formed, the attitudes of the people and the personal attention you can receive. Friendship isn’t considered meeting someone and learning there name; friendship is defined as getting to know someone and build some sort of a relationship with them whether it is a social interest, same worldly views or even a romantic connection. There must be some sort of a correlation between yourself and the person. The only way this can happen is if you actually get to communicate and socialize with the person. In a large city you hardly ever are going to try and communicate with people you pass on the street or you meet at the store. In large cities most people are to busy to try and make friends when they are out and about. They would rather just pretend your not there and go with on with there own business. On the contrary, in a small town it is not considered impolite to start small talk with people and eventually build up your connection with them. People are not always in such a hurry and almost always have time to chat for a while. All in all building friends that can last is much more flourishing in a small town differing from that of large cities where it is by far more difficult to make lasting friendships.

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