Big City Lights Essay

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After hours of thought out planning, fundraising, and anxious exciting feelings, it was finally the morning to board the plane to fly 5 hours to get to New York City! We were to travel there for a DECA conference (DECA is an organization that allows High School students to get out of school early during their Junior and Senior years to maintain their jobs) which I was a part of both years. I had already traveled there once before, but I was particularly excited for this trip because we were going the weekend before Thanksgiving. The flight from Dallas to New York seemed never ending. At last we landed. We couldn’t get off the plane fast enough. We hurriedly picked up our luggage and got a taxi, going into New York is much more different than one would expect; graffiti on the walls of the buildings, the warehouses that were rusted and falling apart. But soon enough we were in the city! We got to our hotel took our bags to our rooms, and hit the unexpected cold streets, excited to find out that we were staying right across from Madison Square Garden! We went up a street and took a left up a few more blocks and we were in Times Square! It’s more lively at night all of the flashing lights of the signs and the people coming and going everywhere. There was never a dull moment; boy did we have our hands full. The next day we spent site seeing getting a feel of what it’s like being a New Yorker, our days were mostly spent shopping, taking tours, DECA meetings, and going to the early morning shows. The night time was probably the most fun we got to see the Rockesttes Christmas show, tower down on the city lights from the Empire State building, and attended a Broadway play; Mary Poppins. I’ve played tennis since the 6th grade, and one of my favorite tours was of the Tennis Open. I couldn’t believe that we were getting a private tour of the tennis courts were some of

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