Big Brothers Big Sisters Essay

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Carlos coy Class: N/A Big Brothers and Big Sisters Big Brothers Big Sisters is an organization who helps millions of children all across the country. Big Brothers Big Sisters purpose is to help strengthen communities and help children improve confidence in them and build a stronger relationship with their families. National research shows that Big Brothers Big Sisters has helped prevent children using illegal drugs, use of alcohol, and missing school. That said Big Brothers Big Sisters mission share some common traits with chapter 5 with positive feedbacks. Volunteer mentors in the Big Brothers Big Sisters teach children how to control their impulsiveness. This organization also teaches children how to manage self-control witch is mention in chapter 5. As discussed in Chapter 5, Social Development and Delinquency. Many functions come to consideration when working to change a child’s criminal path. That is, considering the two pathways to delinquency described by Moffitt. The first path to delinquency mention by Moffitt is the Life course persistent. Youths who fit in this category tend to exhibit behavioral problems at an early age which by no means that these offenders tend to remain lawbreakers throughout their adulthood. Not only does this affect the lives of these offenders but it also affects the people around them. Nonetheless males and females are much more likely to be associated with life course persistent. The second pathway described by Moffitt is the Adolescence limited. Adolescence-limited offenders are considered to have fewer neuropsychological problems than life course persistent and have less history of crime comparing to life course persistent. These offenders are known to begin their career history during their mid to late adolescence years. Yet these offenders do not remain involved in delinquency for much longer than one to

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