Big Brothers Essay

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My Big Brothes Brandon Jordan Mrs. Ornes English 30 Feb 18, 2014 I have 4 brothers, me being the middle child. I have two big brothers and two lil brothers. In this eassy I will be comparing my two older brothers, Frankie and Joel. Frankie is the oldest of us all. Being the oldest, he have to make sure he's head honcho, doesn't want my little brothers running all over him. But being the oldest, whenever our parent's would leave, Frankie would take the role of an adult and watch over use until our parents come back home. For a big brother Frankie was fun to hang with an playing with when we was younger. He would always have time for us, he played the game with us and was not alway's so serious. Now my brother older he act very serious for no reason and does things backwards. But when we were younger, I remember him always cooking for us when we was hungry. He always made sure we weren't starving and was ok. Now an back then he would always have our back or support use when it's needed. My brother Frankie is one person I could call if I'm in need or if i have a problem, rather it's getting to work or just discussing my problems. Frankie is that reliable person i'm always able to count on. My brother Joel was the second oldest. Hanging with him when we were kids was always a adventure. We would go around the neighborhood and make chaos. My brother used to trick us into giving him our candy. And we would give him our candy and he woud play like he blew up and we would just keep feeding him. But as we got older, he would play jokes that only made us mad and tell our parent's what he did. We would always get in fights with him. Joel is well known for his lying. My brother would lie about any and everything. I can't understand why, and he is a grown man. It's not like he would get get in any trouble. I'm starting to think he does it for

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