Big Brother Isn't Watching You Essay

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”Big brother isn’t watching you” What can you do if the politicians don’t listen to your vote? In big cities in the UK, like London, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham a lot of young people demonstrate and riot. The reason why is quite vague, but in the article “Big Brother isn’t watching you” published in The Guardian in 2011, the British actor, comedian, author and activist Russell Brand comments on the riots in the United Kingdom. Even though Russell Brand does not live in his native country any longer, he still has a huge sense of still belonging to it. His job as a comedian and acting has brought him to Los Angeles. But the fact that Russell Brand lives in Los Angeles does not disqualify him from commenting on incidents in his native country. In his early 20’s Russell Brand often attended protests and riots and has been arrested for criminal damage. So he knows a lot about how these young people feel and act. The article is structured into 3 main parts. He starts by telling about his life and the fact that he does not live in London any longer, as well as what he did when he lived in London. He tells about a situation that he experienced when he was working at the Reality TV-programme called Big Brother. When he was working on Big Brother there was a situation which directed a thought to a quote by a British world-war general who said: “You cannot rouse the animal in man then expect it to be put aside at a moment’s notice” (l. 19-20). This sums up the incidents in the UK quiet well. Furthermore, the article contains an expression of Russell Brand’s opinion on this topic. He explains how and why it happens and what to do about it. At the end, he brings his message to the audience. He wants these rioters to feel included in society. In the commentary he describes the incidents seen from his point of view. The attitude used to describe his position and
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